WALES is such a beautiful country. If you explore the woods and hills to the south of Caerphilly, you come to a spot where you feel as if you’re on top of the world, with Cardiff, etc. spread below you, a shining silver sea, and other lands off in the mist yonder. 

A pity, as you thank God for all that wonder, that the destiny of our country is governed by those clowns in that funny building by the Bay, who seem so obtuse and unsympathetic, particularly towards those who have had an abortion experience from which they are still suffering. 

Those clowns seem to forget that the actual funding of those private abortion clinics with their high fees and, by all accounts, sloppy procedures, comes out of the WAG budget.

No wonder they forget: they seem to think that the 1967 Abortion Act actually permitted “abortion on demand” - it didn’t. It merely allowed two doctors after mature consideration to sign for an abortion if they sincerely thought the woman (or girl) would go nuts without one.

WAG wags the meaning of the rule of law by standing by as those with vested interests stretch the law like a piece of chewed elastic.

In the meantime, don’t say the A-word in the presence of some. It will hurt. We try to weep with them: we pray for them. But we have to say it, sorry, because we feel it is high time something was done.

And the ones it should hurt, and should be offering help both for this generation, and those to come, are the administrative and legislative clowns who set the thing up in the first place, don’t supervise it, and then silently wash their hands and walk away. 

Joseph Biddulph
Ebenezer Street