I am often surprised by the negative tone of many of your correspondents regarding Newport.

I moved across here from Bristol late last year and let me tell you it is absolutely the best move I’ve ever made.

I swapped a damp, dilapidated old flat for a brand new riverfront apartment in Newport at less than half the price: moving to a vastly superior home and making money in the process.

The city has so much to offer. I’ve even seen a harbour porpoise swimming around in the Usk outside my window. Beat that, Bristol!
The people are friendly, cask ale is less than two pounds a pint, prescriptions are free for everyone, and you get your bus pass at 60. 

That’s six years of free bus travel I wouldn’t get if I had stayed in Bristol.

There are excellent rail links if like me you still work in Bristol, or if you just want to go and gloat at your mortgage-paying friends. Soon, the bridge tolls will be going too. Surely this is the ultimate in win– win situations?

I’d encourage anyone to make the move to Newport. A bright future awaits you in this great and beautiful city.

Hugh Thomas
Copper Dome Mews