IT IS A shame that your correspondent, Nigel Dix, chooses to portray Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum in such terms reminiscent of the Murdoch Press and Daily Mail.

If he would broaden his reading somewhat, he might discover that Momentum was formed to help Jeremy Corbyn, who was and is still under constant attack from the New Labour faction of MPs within his own party including Roy Hattersley, retain the leadership of the Party and to campaign for the election of a Labour government.

There is nothing sinister, “hard left”, “Stalinist” or cultist about this and luckily most people (latest poll puts Labour 8% ahead) are beginning to see this.

People are supporting Jeremy Corbyn because of his beliefs, sincerity and, above all, for the manifesto that Labour has put forward under his leadership.  

It’s a lengthy document but fully costed and you can find it on the Labour Party website.  ‘Nothing I can see that looks controversial there to me, - just bringing Labour back to the socialist principles it had before the Tories, ie. Tony Blair and clan, took over and practically erased democracy within the Party.

I’d even suggest, Nigel, that you take a look at the Momentum website and see what you think.  Go on, I dare you, - you may be pleasantly surprised, - they are human beings after all!

Nick Fisher
Prospect Street