I AM LOOKING looking for some help from your readers who may have some information about my Grandfather (Grancha) Alec Holly, Lansbury Road, Brynmawr.

I have a photocopy of an incident that he was involved.

Following my research through the Gwent archives, I know the incident took place on November 9-10, 1938. 

I have traced national papers who run the story but this has not given me the article that I have.

My Grancha, Alec Holley helped rescue a Mr Percy Hayward who was trapped in a coal shaft. They had been looking for coal on the Rhas Fach Mountain. 

My photocopy has a photograph of Percy being lifted by his fellow miners.

I have lost touch with my family in Brynmawr and surrounding areas and would love to catch up again and if possible find the newspaper article I have. 

Glenys Jones
68 Southampton Road