Vindaloo visas. What next, taxi driver visas? 

Who says we don’t have enough chefs to keep curry houses open? Its a bit like saying we don’t have enough bar staff to keep pubs open. 

Alcohol prices in pubs is ridiculous, people stop going, they close down, the prices of Indian spices have gone through the roof. 

Also rice prices have soared making Indian food much more expensive. As delicious as it is, some people can’t afford it so they close. 

But Britain has millions of potential chefs who will cook Indian food. 

Twenty five years ago I started to learn Indian cookery, I had two lovely Pakistani ladies teaching me, their kids and mine were good school friends. Their food was the best I’ve ever tasted. All home cooked from scratched, and so easy to cook. Its just knowing all the spices which is also very easy. 

I then showed family members and many friends how to cook Indian food. Anybody can cook Indian food, just learn. All Asian ladies cook in bulk, they share. So any could be chefs. 

British people could be curry house chefs. Is so easy to learn. Start training them. 

My 12 year old twin grand-daughters recently won a big cookery competition in the Newport Market High Street. 

They cooked a spicy Jamaican dish, delicious! They were born here, they learned to cook spicy food here. Say no more. 

The cost of a meal for two in a curry house would cover 10 to 12 people people in a home cooked curry.

Mrs M Reynolds
Ladyhill Road