I HOPE the plan to tackle air pollution in Wales will also consider the additional pollution from incinerators. 

Those who have read my recent submission to the EFRA Committee, who invited comments on the government’s air quality strategy, will see more about incinerators plus historical information on air pollution and mortality.

The South Wales Argus article of December 11, 2017, included this key sentence by Simon Thomas AM: 

“The 10 per cent most deprived areas, for example, have five times higher levels of carcinogenic air pollution.”. 

In the past, it’s been convenient to “explain” higher rates of disease and mortality by blaming “deprivation” rather than exposure to air pollution.

We’ve had a century of scientific fraud on the air pollution issue, so isn’t it time the country woke up to the truth?

Simon Thomas might recall articles about my concern over an incinerator near Welshpool (County Times, January 5, 2017), but not be aware that the incinerator health study, which was first promised in 2011, remains unpublished whilst the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales continue to issue permits for incinerators without having any evidence of “lack of harm.”

Michael Ryan
Gains Avenue
Bicton Heath