“IT’S shocking in this day and age of relative prosperity that food banks even exist” comment in the Argus on December 12, 2017.

Relative to what, the amount tax avoiding celebrities earn in a week when compared to what a nurse earns each year?

Or society paying without a murmur of complaint the ever increasing number of far away politicians and civil servants, who while placing their well paid, well pensioned bums on committees seats are so far removed from the people their decisions affect they fail to see, or have no wish to see, the detrimental effect their salaries and pensions have on the tax filled public purse communities depend on for frontline services.

Wars are lost because the chain of command and supply is too long.

Communities needs are going unheeded because their voices lose urgently along the long chain of request. 

Concerns softened by committee room jargon, by a failure of not so local politicians to comprehend local problems in communities they have no experience of.

Peter Walters