THE NATIONAL Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has issued guidance to primary schools, saying they should include books in the curriculum that feature transgender parents.

Celebrating gender identity and difference; this advice has been endorsed by the Department of Education, which says that head teachers celebrate transgender people and encourage staff to teach children about transgender issues. 

Ru Hunt, chief executive of the gay organisation Stonewall, ‘welcomed the guidance; although it so closely resembles Stonewall agenda that she probably also wrote it.

Indeed the NAHT has told members to forbid complaints from parents, governor’s or staff that may interfere with the schools commitment to creating an inclusive environment for trans people. 

Ofsted says it welcomes any initiative that helps schools to promote equality, inclusivity and diversity, but these aims contradict their new trans totalitarianism, because anyone in our diverse community who disagrees with this new obsession will automatically be excluded; they will certainly not be tolerated. 

Norman Plaisted
Vivian Road