ARGUS, Decrmber 19 2017, ‘hidden away’ in the business section, two articles, same page, on pensions. 

One the sorry tale of our steel industry pawned off, with little chance of being redeemed, to foreign companies, the steelworkers’ pension funds now having the flesh picked off it’s bones by circling financial vultures.

The other the ‘promise’ of a comfortable retirement to our inexperienced youth. 

Google ‘sir’ Philip Green and Robert Maxwell, two warnings from history far enough apart to show nothing changes, and won’t while politicians, whose own pensions are guaranteed by the tax payers, allow legal theft against those not in such a privileged position.

Problem is it’s not just private companies, successive governments have raided pension funds and changed the pension rules for their own benefit. Ask working ladies in their 50s.

When there’s money to be made greed is the driving force running roughshod through society taking advantage of ignorance, inexperience and the vulnerable.

Peter Walters