IN THE recent letters on the subject of parking crimes, John Pollock lists a number of places where parking and driving infringements are taking place in huge numbers and seemingly not enforced by police.

I should also mention the non enforcement of box junction restrictions.

A few years ago my car was written off at the box junction on Bettws Lane when I had the audacity to stop outside the box as required to do so. 

The driver of the following car hit my car with force knocking my car several feet forward, screamed abuse and demanded to know why I had stopped and a heated exchange ensued.

He was a young driver who seemed to know little of the use of these box junctions but every day this same box junction is filled with cars, lorries and buses illegally entering the box.

There seem few if any police patrol cars interested in policing these every day infringements.

Only last week at the junction of the main Malpas Road and Bettws Lane, a scooter rider drove his scooter stood on his seat with an outstretched leg looking like the statue Eros (a more serious and altogether extremely dangerous act).

Yes, and stopped illegally at the same time within the same box junction was a police car.

Kevin Shipton
Bettws Lane