AS THE the saga goes on and on, it not only gets more confusing, it is now changed to pointlessness. Who is to blame? I would say that without doubt all parties didn’t expect an out result. 

They were all unprepared and now battle endlessly blaming the other parties and pointing out tit-for-tat mistakes. 

The classic example is the £350m for the NHS which they reckon influenced voters.

Well, I can honestly say I wasn’t influenced by it and didn’t misread it like the Remainers, who even now, keep on about it.

It gets worse because so many changes have been accepted by MPs, it is almost becoming a success of not staying in the EU but paying for all we had. 

Why do they keep on about the single market and customs union when it was pretty obvious to most that this would happen? The Remainers keep on, totally ignoring the decision of the referendum. 

To be honest, I think they are after a General Election to remove the existing government. That of course will give voters something to think about as trusty, straightforward, genuine MPs are hard to come by!

Jim Dyer
Stockton Road