REGIONS that voted for Brexit such as west Wales and the Valleys are more exposed to the economic risks of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union than those that voted to remain, a study has shown.

Many parts of Wales are also at high risk of Brexit related consequences, with 11.7% of the country’s GDP exposed.

The exposure is higher in west Wales and the Valleys, where 30.5% of manufacturing and 23.6% of primary industries are exposed.

Wales voted 53% to 47% to leave in the June 2016 referendum, a higher margin than the UK as a whole.

Not a single Brexiteer said Wales would be worse out of the EU. Wales has lost its coal and steel industry, its car manufacturing depends on foreign parts.

The UK rail and utilities are own by foreign countries that rake off millions of profits every year. 

The country is in desperate need of medical staff and trades people, as both Labour and Tory governments fail to teach and train enough young people. 

Any Brexit deal different to what we have would be a disaster to the country.

Andrew Nutt 
Heolddu Rd