THE importance of traditional marriage was never taught in our schools as an important framework for family life. As a matter of fact successive governments have weakened and trivialised marriage.

Now to add salt to the wound and to accommodate the gay community the Department for Education says that school children will be ‘given lessons in civil partnerships’, in lessons that ‘will need to reflect changes in the law relating to same sex marriage and civil partnerships and the Equality Act’ from September 2019. (What hypocrites). These classes are supposed to teach children self respect, and respect for others, including building healthy relationships.

The government need to start showing some respect for other themselves, as it was drearily predictable that the subject of ‘marriage and commitment’ should be introduced into sex education lessons only when it could be hijacked to promote same-sex relationships, and that should of course be compulsory.

By any scientific standards, same-sex relationships are intrinsically unhealthy, both physically and psychologically, despite attempts to blame the negative outcomes on the bigotry of society.

It is deeply ironic, too, that such relationships should be portrayed to children as ‘healthy’.

The first qualification for anyone wishing to teach children ‘how to recognise, understand and build healthy relationships’ must recognise those relationships themselves.

At the present moment in time they are unfit to be in charge of educating other peoples children.

Norman Plaisted
Vivian Road