I CANNOT believe the South Wales Argus gave the Tredegar Hunt the time of day, let alone a couple of pages promoting this cruel, vile bloodsport.

This barbaric event should be banned - what’s wrong with people taking children to it? More fitting that they educate them to respect the wildlife and love all animals, not rip them to shreds. 

These children may grow up to think it’s acceptable to do this. The look on the horses’ faces says it all about this event - they looked terrified.

Well done to all the protesters who turned up, and to the hunt sabs. Yes, there were protesters there. 

How many foxes did this hunt kill? I telephoned the TA, only to be told they only go drag hunting, but ‘trail’ hunting is used as an excuse, by the hunts as cover for behaving in the same way they always have done. 

One day this cruel outdated ‘sport’ will be banned once and for all, and then you can all take up a pastime that is more appropriate for this century.

Animals are not yours to destroy. 

Pamela Parker