DURING the Christmas break, Christmas Eve to January 2, 2017, Newport City Homes (NCH) closed it’s offices.

The advice given on NCH automate answering service was to contact 08452666545.

We did, having been connected it was nine minutes before our call was answered, a further three and half minutes of conversation during which we were put on hold a couple of times. The end result, an offer to contact NCH duty manager. We declined.

Welsh Government and local councils have given the responsibility for social housing to not for profit trusts.

This includes residents who are elderly, vulnerable and, especially with the financial pressures of Christmas, very short of cash.

Given that they have a duty manager why are NCH residents put through a filtering system at the cost of £6.275 for 12m 33s. 50 pence per minute?

Using a third party may eliminate the not for profit clause but does it remove the moral element of their contract with Welsh Government.

Peter Walters
Duffryn, Newport