WHEN political parties wish to get controversial legislation on the statute book, (like same sex marriage) they fail to put it in their manifesto, knowing they would lose votes, but then implement it when in power.

Latest bright idea, ‘mothers’ names will be included on marriage certificates for the first time under a digital revolution.

A Home Office spokesman said that the current legislation is “outdated”. If it makes it easier for people to track their family histories it might be welcomed, but fewer and fewer couples are getting married, a decline accelerated by the introduction of same sex marriage. 

Nonetheless, if it encouraged respect for motherhood by serving as a useful reminder that even same sex couples have mothers, it might be worthwhile.

The overriding message is that even a man can be a mother, but for real women, motherhood is something that is constantly denigrated, a basic cause of inequality that they must have the choice to eradicate.

This is an empty gesture that does however accurately reflect the moral emptiness of our progressive establishment.

Norman Plaisted
Vivian Road