IN RESPONSE to Tony Rays letter on 3/4/2018. The mass protest about the NHS was in London on February 3 and was attended by tens of thousands of people, this was virtually ignored by the BBC. 

It received more coverage on the main news in Germany and worldwide TV than the BBC. 

The second point is about JC and the anti-Semitic nonsense being bandied about in the MSM.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a lifelong pacifist and campaigner against racism.

The real reason for this is his support of the human rights of the Palestinians, and support for the two state solution for Jerusalem.

He has promised to tackle anti-Semitism within the labour party and is doing so. 

Why is there never any mention of anti-Semitism within the Tory party in the media?

In 2017 the most detailed scientific study ever by the Jewish policy research council concluded that actually antisemitism is more of a problem for the Tories. 

Judge for yourself on the BBC’s neutrality it doesn’t exist anymore. 
I’m not the one peddling fake news here.

Ann Poyser
Stockton Road