WITH reference to the recent vandalism of trees in Lliswerry, Cllr Debbie Harvey asks “Who would do such a thing?”

The answer is only too clear; the brain-dead army of morons who have nothing in their heads but the lust to destroy or deface anything worthy or beautiful, concepts which their feeble minds just cannot grasp. 
Let’s face it; we can see more brain cells in The Walking Dead.

Anything that rises above the extremely low horizons of these mongrels is hence open for destruction or abuse. 

In Newport the evidence is all around us, from graffiti to fire-raising, but what astonishes me in this instance is the amount of sheer effort that was put into hewing down these defenceless trees. 

Let us hope the initials that the idiot chose to carve into the stumps will be their undoing.

Julian R Powell
Larch Grove
Malpas Road