I ALWAYS look forward to reading Your Say letters from Arthur Nicholaas, he is very much to the point and witty. In his letter of  April 10, he comments on the House of Lords members, who number 850, being able to get a daily attendance allowance of £305 just for signing in. Now if they sign in for five days, and why would they not, their remuneration could be £1525 per week.

Now I don’t want Arthur to splutter his pint all over the place, but this would give them £79,300 per annum and  daily access to subsidised bars and restaurants.

This made me think about what could be the cost of our political class - 650 MPs, 129 Scottish AMs, 108 Northern Ireland AMs, 60 so far Welsh Assembly members and over 20000 local councillors plus 850 in the House of Lords, it must run into the billions of pounds.

Just a thought Arthur USA  population 325 million - Politicians - Main House 435, the senate 100, UK population 65 million  - Politicians - as above 1897, something is awry here.

Paul Hurley
Byron Road