SO WHAT’s in a name? Well, quite a lot apparently. 

The ‘Prince of Wales’ bridge, a decision made by royal decree, parliamentary preference or simply someone’s passing whim, seems to have caused quite a stir, especially on the Welsh side of the divide.

As a Welshman, I can see the problem, but, let’s face it; there are two sides to the river Severn, one English and one Welsh. 

However, if we are considering the Windsor line of succession, from Charles to William to George etc., perhaps we should remember that their ancestry is wholly German, so precluding the term ‘English’ entirely. 

We are therefore left with a choice of Welsh names for the contested bridge.

Should we choose heroes from Welsh history such as Merlin or Owain Glyndwr or should we take to our hearts more recent names such as Lloyd George, Richard Burton or (my particular favourite) Simon Weston? 

Should it come to a vote I know where my tick will go.

Julian R Powell
Larch Grove
Malpas Park