WELL Theresa May, you can now only be described as a disgrace in allowing our military to become involved in action against Syria.

You and the Conservative Party in its entirety should be ashamed of yourselves in allowing this to happen without giving the FULL government the opportunity to fully assess the situation before carrying out this drastic action.

Were you trying to do a Maggi Thatcher during the Falklands era hoping for voters support which alone kept her in power at that time.

No one is saying that what Assad allowed was wrong. but it required full involvement of others and not going along with the war mongering USA.

I tell you what Theresa May, you and your cronies put a rifle in your hands and go to the front instead of using your mouths to fight at the back, you certainly have not used your brains

Don’t worry Theresa, you and your cronies can sit in your bomb bunkers while we take the brunt of you stupid actions.

Ken Holder
Hill Street