PRIVATE Herbert Beckett killed in action on April 16, 1918, at Ypres, Belgium. The soldier above was my grandfather who came from 95 Baldwin Street, Newport. When he went to war he left behind my grandmother Rosina Beckett and five children, one being my mother Josephine Beckett known as (Dolly). 

During the depression in Wales my grandmother lost the war widows pension for the children as they reached 14 so my mother as a very young girl travelled to Bournemouth to work in the hotels. 

The reason for me writing to you is that I want to share the most wonderful and unexpected reunion with a family member from Newport who wanted to honour the memory of Herbert Beckett his great grandfather, John and Wendy Oldfield lined up at the Menin Gate Memorial to hear the Last Post and then to lay a wreath. I was first in line and John and Wendy were last.

Until the wreaths were laid we were both unaware of each others existence. Needless to say we talked to the early hours that night and will stay in touch. Do hope Grandchur Beckett is up there watching us.

God bless all the brave men who lost their lives.

Joan Drew
Wimborne Road West