UNITED in opposing “Brexit?” 

It’s the first time I remember the Liberal Democrats united on very much anything. In fact the only thing foreseeable in their near future is a political exit of their own. 

Apparently one of their defeated spokesmen has stated that “the EU is like a club and a club has rules.” 

Well, I have joined clubs, been barred from a few and resigned from even more. 

Isn’t this exactly what the British people voted to do, having grown sick and tired of Brussels cracking the whip?

Welsh party leader Jane Dodds asserts that “People telling me that we talk too much about Brexit,” but tell me, Jane, who the hell is listening? 

Just how many stalwarts did you manage to cram into the Village Inn in Coryton for your conference? 

Or was it, as one might expect, half empty? 

And when a glass is half empty, Jane, what does that bode for your aspirations?

Julian R Powell
Larch Grove
Malpas Park