SO “FAKE” news has arrived in Wales! 

The Welsh Labour Government gave “fake” information to the press (Argus report April 17, 2018,) telling us that 25 million had been handed to Welsh councils for public transport bus service grants. 

But now we know why our Newport city buses are in such great need of important regular cleaning inside and outside-deprived of this “new or extra money!”

Sensible signs inside Newport buses make passengers aware that smoking cigarettes is prohibited, also eating takeaways, drinking, annoying noise and importantly distracting the driver is not allowed.

Warning signs are also needed explaining that seats are not to be soiled, including some irresponsible passengers crouching with dirty-soiled shoes placed on some seats!

While the Labour politicians, public officers and managers enjoy their exquisite offices with plush facilities (toilets etc.), Newport residents, shoppers and visitors are expected to carry on regardless of the unacceptable state of public “services” in our city!

Brian J Donovan
Darlington Court