MONMOUTH MP David Davies confidently predicts that we will be leaving the European Union next year but this is by no means certain.

The full truth about the harm that Brexit will do to the nation’s economy is becoming clearer day by day. 

The government’s own analysis shows that all versions of Brexit will leave public finances worse off by millions of pounds each week. 

An opinion poll carried out by the think tank Global Future reveals public hostility to all of the government’s four Brexit scenarios, including a bespoke deal.

Open Britain which has 700,000 supporters and embraces a number of pro-EU organisations is campaigning for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal. 

One of the options in this vote will be to stay in the EU.

This campaign is represented locally by Gwent for Europe, a multi-party group of dedicated pro-Europeans who wish to save Wales from the economic damage that Brexit will cause. 

As part of our campaign we are holding a series of public meetings addressed by prominent Welsh politicians. 

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 28, at St John the Baptist Church Hall, 57, Risca Road, Newport, starting at 3pm. 

Come along and help stop this Brexit madness!
Clive Shakesheff
Lewis Way