PLEASE folks of Newport, can we work together to clean-up the city?

As a Keep Wales Tidy litter-champion, I do what I can in my home area but can make little impact on the districts through which I walk and drive.
Yes, we would like the Local Authority to do more, but it starts with all of us. 

Keep a waste bag in your car and don’t throw out that can or coffee cup. 

You brought items from the fast-food outlet, now carry the wrappers a little further to the bin. Pocket your cigarette packets.

And householders, don’t praise me for litter-picking, just take responsibility for the patch outside your home (although I know it wasn’t you that dropped the litter there!) 

Research shows that large pieces of litter such as crisp packets and bottles act as ‘beacons’, which give people ‘permission’ to drop more and that there are mental and physical health benefits from living in clean areas. So, let’s mobilise!

Marion Worth
Redbrook Road