I had a most unfortunate experience visiting Pontypool town centre recently. Having to walk past a volume of youths both male & female making themselves hoarse by screaming & shouting, waving their hands- very intimidating in High Street. Further on, an antisocial incident in a supermarket with two loud mouths youths. On into Crane Street, I was flabbergasted to witness another bare chested youth viciously punch an innocent school person. The punch was so vicious I believe the victim could sustain a split spleen or diaphragm. All this happened between 3.05 - 3.30pm. Where are the police ? The police MUST be seen on housing estates, around town centres especially at end of school day. My vision would be advertise for special constables, male & female, for few hours on days convenient to themselves. Police presence is imperative to bring order and discipline to our society.

Christine Evans

Dorstone Walk