Newport City Homes zero tolerance to potted plants in communal hallways in flat blocks has understandably attracted a multitude of comments. As a resident of such a dwelling I am understanding of the health and safety issues that may have given rise to such action however, as with most bureaucracies common sense has gone walk-about. Clearly, items left in hallway such as bikes, prams, bins or items of furniture; may constitute a hazard but a reasonable sized potted plant; placed safely; should not cause much danger to residents or visitors; in fact; I have never heard of a plant attack in the 9 years I have lived at the address. I would ask that N.C.H. should concentrate a little more on the frequent damage caused to their buildings and surrounding area by delinquents rather than on largely well behaved tenants who wish to brighten the hallways. As my dear old mum use to say, "There's a difference between scratching your bum and tearing the skin off"!

M Richards

Aberthaw Road