It s not often I agree with Paul Flynn if ever, but I do agree with him that if there is any medicinal health benefits to be derived from cannabis, let it be given out on prescription, not to be legalised as a recreational drug. William Hague M.P. argues that the war against cannabis has failed, but the same could be said for the war against stabbing, of which there as been a great deal lately on the streets of towns and cities. While being extra-keen on tackling hate crime and historical sex offences, the police seem to have given up on investigating burglaries; and shop-lifters. Much of what used to be border-line criminal behaviour now receives a police caution. We are deluding ourselves if we believe that legalising cannabis for recreational use will free up the police to deal with more important matters; it will more likely unleash so much crime and disorder that they will be fully occupied. Also our health service will be picking up the pieces of the human misery generated. Mr Hague insists the war against cannabis is a failure, but as any decent policeman would no doubt tell him, it is much easier to strengthen a door than try to close it after it has been thrown open. Society needs to keep the door against general recreational use of cannabis locked and barred.

N Plaisted

Vivian Road