I hardly know where to begin to comment on President Trump's visit to Europe and the U.K. as he continues to kick the rump of the political establishment and that of his Nato allies. His criticism of Angela Merkel spending billions of Euros on a gas pipeline from Russia whilst failing to meet fully her obligation to Nato is a fair point. It is perverse in the extreme that Germany should favour such an energy policy with the very state that Nato was created to protect them from and as the largest contributor to that alliance he is entitled to voice his opinion. That said, the reported comments Trump has made regarding Brexit has placed the Prime Minister; not only in an embarrassing position; but a weakened one and even a roll back of his rhetoric will not repair the damage that may have been caused to the future negotiation with Brussels. As a rabid Brexiteer I am affronted that a second U.S. President has chosen intervene in a matter that is not his concern even though I agree with his comment that we are being too tolerant with the E.U.

M Richards

Aberthaw Road