Nationalist Mr Nutt is at it again, using the 4 Assembly parties' leadership contests to try do down Welsh Labour, and big up Plaid Cymru (letters, 13 July). He dismisses the only Welsh Labour candidate with the required number of nominations, Mark Drakeford, as "the John Major of Welsh Labour". It doesn't suit Mr Nutt's agenda to highlight that Professor Drakeford was Rhodri Morgan's right hand man, who invented the 'clear red water', distinctive 'Welsh' Labour, approach to devolution. And Mr Nutt neglects to mention that the Welsh Labour leadership contest has arisen because Carwyn Jones is standing down - not because, as in his own party's case, they're fighting like ferrets in a sack, and at least 2 of Plaid's AM's want to oust their leader.

Cllr G Kirby

St Andrew's Drive