I recently obtained from Cefn Fforest leisure centre a consultation document regarding the future leisure strategy of Caerphilly Borough Council and proposed closure of several leisure centres within the county. I was dismayed by the thickness of it (Approx. 17 pages) and some of the questions within it: -

1 What is your religion?

2 Do you speak, read or write Welsh?

3 What is your sexuality?

Also, some of the questions towards the rear of the document were quite technical, confusing and long. I don’t know if this document is designed to put people off returning it, but I do wonder on the questions of the proposed closures. Christina Bale the Olympic athlete and Mr Vaughan Gethin AM for Health in the Welsh Assembly attended a primary school in the area on the 19th July 2018 to promote health and wellbeing. Mr Gethin stated facilities should be kept local in order to encourage people to use them. Sadly, it seems Caerphilly Council have other ideas.

R Stoate

Pencoed Avenue

Cefn Fforest