Mr. John Griffiths AM promotes the principle of 20 mph speed limits in many areas. This suggestion is not original as another AM suggested it some years ago. I offer the same invite to Mr. Griffiths as I did to the first politician, come with me to any 20 mph speed limit area and I will show him, despite his statistical claims that is works elsewhere – it does not work in Gwent. Speeding like ignoring parking regulations are both as socially offensive as drink driving has become. What is the point of creating these limits when they cannot be enforced? They could be by covert cameras that offend only those who break the law. Local councils appear most willing to put in place theoretical traffic regulations but when it comes to enforcement, abdicate any responsibility whatsoever. Refusing to listen to informed local opinion, insisting on interpreting regulations as they see fit and 'partnership' becomes a joke.

Mr. Griffiths I repeat the invitation to travel with me in any 20 mph area and observe at first hand how it is ignored. 30, 40 and 50mph limits are most widely abused with councils only interested in the “average” speed. I would like to greet you to the real world away from political academia and appreciate how offensive this practice is.

N Pearce