The owners of Pontypool RFC are to be congratulated on their proposal to leave Pontypool Park. They have big ambitions for the club for which they are to be commended. No one wants to see the club move from the Park, but playing in a public park inevitably places certain constraints on any proposed developments. ‘Pooler’ are the luckiest rugby club in Wales by having such a fantastic setting in which to play rugby. They have played in the Park for 70 years and have a long and proud history. Their future is less certain because of the proposed developments. Playing any game in a public park is a great privilege, Pontypool Park was handed over by the Hanbury family to the public. It is used on a daily basis by many people who appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings and the panoramic views. It is vital that the beauty and visual aspects of the Park are preserved for future generations. It is hoped that Pontypool RFC will find a way of continuing to play Rugby in Pontypool Park for many years to come, but they must accept there are limitations placed upon any public facility. When the owners of the club come to make their final decision to stay or to leave the Park, they must remember that it was gifted to all the people of Pontypool.

J A Lewis