We were lied to by Ted Heath when he told us that there would be no loss of our sovereignty prior to the 1975 referendum, and now, following the 2016 referendum we are being betrayed by Theresa May with her ill conceived part-in and part-out Brexit. The £9.3m circular that David Cameron had sent to every household detailed the implications of leaving the EU, and yet, despite his leaflet and the establishment's Project Fear some 17.4 m people voted to leave the EU. We know what we want. We want our country back: we want to have control of our laws, our finances, our borders and our fishing waters, and most important of all we want to stop being told what to do by unelected politicians in Brussels. Over the last two years the likes of arch-Remainer Tony Blair and a few wealthy backers have been attempting to ramp-up Project Fear while a few daft MPs play a very dangerous game with our democracy. However, nothing has changed. It is time for Theresa May and the House of Commons to do the right thing and execute the electorate's clear and unequivocal mandate and NOT fob us off with The Hokey Cokey Brexit. A clean break from the failing EU is a huge opportunity for our country and for future generations, and we must grasp it with both hands. So, write to your MP (david.davies.mp@parliament.uk) and tell him what you want. I have.

H Ellis