Concerning the recent article on the Ladies Tredegar. My research found that Rosamond, 1st Lady Tredegar's birth was 14 February 1808, baptism at Mackworth 14 July 1808. The gravestone at St Basil's, Bassaleg incorrectly records her aged 72 at death. Since she died 3 January 1883 she was 74. Godfrey Morgan, 2nd Lord Tredegar was not the Great. Fred Harries biography in Godfrey's lifetime suggests an affectionate Godfrey The Good as Godfrey had made his name a household word in Newport for acts of charity and benevolence. Katharine Carnegies birds' nests hobby was no rumour, she was delighted to enlighten journalist Cecil Roberts, that some women like to do Petit-point and needlework- it tries my eyes too much. This is more amusing It also eased her arthritis. Katharine's withdrawal from London society is factual but an underlying cause was that she didn't relish encountering her husband Courtenay mistresses mocking. Katharine's nephew Sandy Carnegie was charged organising Katharine's cremation, she merely stipulated her ashes were not to be sent to Wales. Olga Dolgorouky was indeed born in 1915, she was 4 when saved on HMS Marlborough, 7 April 1919, she was aged 23 when she married Evan.

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