I often wonder what planet, or tablets our politicians are on, when they are enacting laws to teach our children you can be what ever gender you would like to be, no wonder our children are confused, and their innocence taken away even before they leave primary school. These loopy-loo politicians need to go back to school themselves, and grow up. Here's one good example of this gender bending: It is reported that a Pret Manager has 'introduced a new gingerbread women called Annie in addition to Godfrey, its gingerbread man, after a complaint by one customer. The mind boggles as to what the distinction between these two 'biscuits; might be, and whether 'Annie' or 'Godfrey' provides more value for money. However it 'is the latest in a string of moves by UK retailers to comply with the latest government laws and attitudes to gender bending rules, which, not only confuse our children but also the adult population

N Plaisted

Vivian Road