Yes its very sad as your recent correspondent points out, to see the closing of a shop that has, for many years given a wonderful service to its citizens, but who is to blame?

I suggest it's the very citizens themselves. When was the last time your writer crossed its threshold and paid £60.00 for frying pan when he could get it for half the price on the Internet?

If the gentleman wants to see the town being invigorated then he should get on his bike, catch the bus or even better walk up to the city centre with his shopping bag and spend his money there.

He looks back with rose tinted glasses at those good old days and those wonderful benefactors.

There is an overwhelming wave of moaning and groaning about the state of our city centre and its shops.

It's no good blaming the council or the Welsh Assembly, we just have ourselves to blame. Lets all do the right thing and go shopping in the city centre at least one day a week.

See you in town Jan!

Richard Frame

Windsor Terrace