I feel that I must remark on the picture shown in the Argus Politics File on Wednesday 29 Aug. Is it a view of some derelict football stadium or that of a local scrap yard with a pile of scrap steel out the front. Oh no it is a photo of the Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building, the countries headquarters where all the major decisions on how the country is managed take place. The other home nations have something that looks the part, Scotland has Holyrood, England of course has the Houses of Parliament and Northern Ireland have Stormont all look pretty impressive compared to what we have. Now I am not saying that we should spend mega millions on a debating chamber but first impressions do count so as a parting gift would it not be a good idea to get some Euro cash to spruce the place up a bit and make it look as though Wales is in the 21st century and not like a cash strapped 9th rate country in the early 20th century between the wars.

N Collins

Chestnut Drive