England is bringing in the opt-out organ system already used in Wales. Very few country's use this system, they choose not to. With us being so desperate, are we keeping all organs donated in England and Wales just for English and Welsh people on the register? Or will they all be placed on a world-wide waiting list? People have the right to know. If organs are being sold people prepared to pay are obviously taking priority, leaving poor people waiting longer. My organs will only go to people on the donor register. My relight says, if you will receive you should also give. Knowing organs are being sold perhaps its time for donors to charge for every organ donated., £25,000 each. Television ads telling people to save for their funerals through insurance is on every day. If you sell your organs you can pay for your funeral, help your family, leave no unpaid bills and still some lives, avoiding rip of insurance. I think more people would donate organs if they were paid, Everyone I know who carried a donor card has opted out, many people do not know how to opt out. Too much publicity given on how to opt-in.

M Reynolds

Ladyhill Road