I am certain that there will be those who interpret this letter as being anti Welsh language. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I have to question the wisdom of Welsh first where time is at a premium e.g. contacting the Police and various road advice/instruction signs. When calling 101 there is often a wait following a lengthy bi-lingual 'welcome' often letting the caller forget details such as car registration numbers when writing is not possible. White lettering on red background for road works advice/instruction and black lettering on a yellow background for advance notice of road works are now bi-lingual with Welsh first and many contain a large amount of text, which has to be small to fit in the area available that the time taken to read it is so distracting to drivers it becomes a threat to road safety at worst and confusing at least. Speed of information transfer in the situations mentioned is crucial for obvious reasons. This bigoted, impractical approach is more likely to alienate people from learning Welsh and encourage those narrow minded people who are against it anyway. What was the motivation for this? Was it Plaid motivated as part of a deal for their pseudo support?

N Pearce.