Following my letter about the 11 years of research that I have carried out in collating the names of well over 3000 war dead of Newport as well as the few hundred from Cwmbran along with approximately 1300 of Waterford City and county in Ireland, the three towns and cities that I lost family members from in both world wars, I know that the information and photographs that I have uploaded to the three web sites have been well received by hundreds of people over the years including other researchers and especially by family members of those killed. I certainly know that the fact I have uploaded all this information to the internet at great expense to myself over these years has been very useful to many and I have heard of at least one person who when looking for graves in a local cemetery and unable to find them, used a smart phone to connect to the internet and access my web site to view my photographs of those graves to find the location. Being able to access web sites like mine from a remote location can be very useful if showing other persons around places similar to cemeteries.

S McGuire

Mole Close

Bettws Estate