Reading the article about the Chinese dog eating festival and the petition, I was amazed at the rigmarole the Council has in operation. I thought handing it in to the Council was pretty easy : just go to the Civic and give it to Reception. How things have changed at the Civic Centre. You are only allowed three people to attend and no pictures either. Then it has to be the right Cabinet member to take it - if possible. When was this system introduced I would like to know as it seems rather OTT. I remember accepting a petition about Council Tax when it first came out, and the main entrance inside was awash with people and photographers. As for the topic, I am sure that the Chinese province which we are twinned with and host the festival will take no notice. It is part of their culture, like using snakes for medicine, and I don't think the Council have had much contact with Guangxi for a decade. Still best of luck with it - if you can get through the red tape in handing it in to the Council !!.

J Dyer

Stockton Road