TECH giant Apple has revealed a new feature that will generate digital reproductions of a user’s voice, meaning it will create a voice to sound just like them.

The software called Personal Voice will be available on iPads and iPhones later this year as part of iOS 17.

It’s been created for users who are at risk of losing their ability to speak, such as those with a recent diagnosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or other conditions that can impact speaking ability, reports Apple.

Users can create a Personal Voice by reading along with a selection of random text prompts to record 15 minutes of audio on the devices.

Philip Green, board member and ALS advocate at the Team Gleason charity, said: “At the end of the day, the most important thing is being able to communicate with friends and family.”

Green, who has experienced significant changes to his voice since receiving his ALS diagnosis in 2018, added: “If you can tell them you love them, in a voice that sounds like you, it makes all the difference in the world — and being able to create your synthetic voice on your iPhone in just 15 minutes is extraordinary.”

Personal Voice to work alongside Live Speech feature, Apple announces

The new Personal Voice will work alongside the Live Speech feature on iPhones and iPads.

Users can type what they want to say, so it can be spoken out loud during phone and FaceTime calls as well as in-person conversations.

They can also save commonly used phrases to be used quickly during conversations.

It’s designed to support millions of people around the world who are unable to speak or who have lost their speech over time.

Apple also previewed more software features yesterday (May 16) for cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobility accessibility.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said: “At Apple, we’ve always believed that the best technology is technology built for everyone.

“Today, we’re excited to share incredible new features that build on our long history of making technology accessible, so that everyone has the opportunity to create, communicate, and do what they love.”

More information about a number of Apple’s new accessibility software can be found on the company website.