Michael Gove has said he believes the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal will survive.

The Environment Secretary did not say how Theresa May’s proposal will get through Parliament but praised her “determination and focus”.

Speaking after the Journalist’s Charity Scotland lunch in Glasgow on Friday Mr Gove was asked if the deal can pass.

He said: “Yes I think it can. The Prime Minister has been conducting negotiations on behalf of the country with the tenacity, determination and focus on the national interest that has always characterised her approach.

“And absolutely we will have an opportunity to hear from the Prime Minister when she is speaking in the House of Commons next week and I know that she will have the enthusiastic support support of the Cabinet for the course that she is on.”

Asked how the deal can be passed, given the arithmetic of the Commons has not changed since the Prime Minister decided not to go ahead with Tuesday’s meaningful vote in the face of opposition, he said: “We’ll see.”

SNP MSP George Adam responded: “The EU have been absolutely clear that there is no chance of a renegotiation of the deal.

“Who is Michael Gove trying to kid? Everyone the length and breadth of the country knows Theresa May’s deal is dead.

“What is needed now is to try to secure a majority for a second EU referendum – anything else is a waste of time.”

Mr Gove, who used to be a journalist, told the charity event he has had “unnerving and surreal moments” over the last week, including being followed outside Westminster by a man dressed as Santa protesting about Brexit.

He also used his speech to stress a free press and media are “indispensable” in a democracy.

Mr Gove said: “One of the truly indispensable things that the media does is to hold power accountable.

“We see all too many occasions of politicians drunk on their own arrogance who have needed the voice of the media or the investigative power of journalists to bring them back down to earth and to bring our democracy back to health.”

He added: “The pursuit of journalism is the pursuit of truth and without truth democracy dies in darkness.”