The Prince of Wales was like any other regular when he pulled a pint, sipped a drink and had a game of darts during a lunchtime visit to the pub.

Charles’ excursion to the Fleece Inn, in the village of Hillesley in Gloucestershire, was to highlight how the community resource is supported by the Pub Is The Hub initiative.

During the visit the heir to the throne was handed some darts, with Union Flag flights, and threw a combined total of 24, scoring three, 17 and four.

Royal visit to GloucestershireThe Prince of Wales tries a pint of Arbor Mosaic (Aaron Chown/PA)

At the end of the display of arrow-throwing he got a round of applause, and one of the spectators made the prince laugh when he quipped “What are you doing Monday night, sir?”

John Longden launched the not-for-profit initiative The Pub Is The Hub in 2001 following an idea from the prince that rural pubs might be able to provide vital local services for their communities.

It encourages locals, licensees, pub owners, breweries and the private sector to work together to match community priority needs with additional services which can be provided by the pubs.

Royal visit to GloucestershireThe Prince of Wales pours a pint (Aaron Chown/PA)

During the visit Charles also tried a half pint of Guinness and after taking a taste said there was something “rather marvellous” about the drink.

When Mr Longden ushered the prince behind the bar he pulled a pint of a pale ale called Mosaic by Arbor Ales describing it as “excellent” after smelling it and taking a few sips.