Pete Doherty said he is considering contacting Mark Blanco’s mother because “she believes that I killed her son”.

The rock star was interviewed by police but never arrested over the death in December 2006, when Mr Blanco fell from a first-floor balcony in Whitechapel, east London, after the pair were at a party together.

Doherty, who vehemently denies any knowledge of the death, said the story is “just not going to go away” after a recent documentary titled Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son? aired on Channel 4.

Sheila Blanco
Sheila Blanco, whose son Mark died after falling from a balcony at a party attended by musician Pete Doherty, arrives at the offices of the Crown Prosecution Service (Ian Nicholson/PA)

The film follows Sheila Blanco and her “relentless pursuit of justice” for her son.

Libertines frontman Doherty, 44, told the i newspaper: “I’m going (to) have to meet his mum at some point, I think.

“I don’t know why that hasn’t happened. Maybe I should contact her and help her in any way.

“Perhaps that’s the only way to move on, now that, actually, she believes that I killed her son, or that I know who did.

“It might be better if I sit down with her. Or, because I haven’t met or spoke to her I don’t know (what she believes), maybe that’s just the tabloids?

“But I’m not going (to) watch that documentary, that’s for sure.”

In May 2011, Ms Blanco accused police of staging a cover-up after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Doherty would not face criminal prosecution over the death of partygoer Mr Blanco, who was then aged 30.

The CPS said: “None of the evidence is capable of establishing to the required standard that Mr Blanco was thrown or pushed from the balcony or that any other individual was present at the time he fell.”

Scotland Yard’s initial probe found that Mr Blanco jumped deliberately, but a coroner ordered a second independent investigation after recording an open verdict at the inquest.

Officers then found that either Mr Blanco took his own life or he fell because of a “criminal act”, but could not say which.

This prompted the Blanco family to pay for their own specialist reports on the death.