ITV have confirmed that Olympic BMX rider Kye Whyte is the latest celebrity to join Dancing On Ice.

The 22-year-old athlete is best known for winning Team GB's first ever BMX Olympic medal with a silver at the 2020 Tokyo Games in the summer.

Whyte confirmed he was taking part in the upcoming series on CBBC's Newsround on Wednesday morning.

The BXX star also shared the news with fans on Instagram today.

In the post, Whyte teased:" Prince of peckham has changed to Young frozone for a while !!

Catch me on @dancingonice @itv Can’t wait"

About the annoucement, the "Young Frozone" said:“I’m feeling good.

“I have (roller-skated) when I was younger so we’ll see how it goes.”

He added: “When I did the audition I kind of related it to roller-skating so I think I did pretty well… I think the thing I’m really confident about is I don’t really mind if I fall, I’m quite fearless.”

Whyte also teased that he thinks he will go far in the competition.

The BMX rider said: “I think I can win Dancing On Ice.

“I’d love to see if I can make the final because, as I said, I’m very competitive.

“You know what? I want to make the final!”

But Whyte also confessed that he was nervous about learning the routines.

He added:“The picking up and stuff I’m not too worried about. As long as I do my gym properly I should be all right.

“It’s the routines – I’m very forgetful! So, yeah, that’s what I’m a bit wary of.”

Whyte didn't need to keep his appearance on ITV's hit show a secret for long.

Whyte explained that he could not tell his friends or family for about three or four weeks as he was among the last contesatnts to be picked.

The athlete commented: “I was not told not to tell anyone and I’ve been waiting for the big reveal!

“My family knows. My dad and my brother roller-skate so I think they’re excited.”


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