The Lidl middle aisle can offer up a treasure trove of weird and wonderful items for its customers to buy.

It could arguably make the shopping experience a bit more fun, not knowing what you might fancy from the shop aside from the usual groceries.

This week the supermarket introduced a number of car care products to the aisle including a speed jump starter, car seat cushions plus a tyre sealer and inflater.

However, one item stood out amongst all the others.

Lidl’s Parkside Pressure Washer

South Wales Argus: Lidl's Parkside Pressure Washer (Lidl)Lidl's Parkside Pressure Washer (Lidl)

The Parkside Pressure Washer is a powerful device that makes short work of cleaning the outside of your car, but its use can be extended to walls and patio as well.

It features a lance attachment with a standard vario-nozzle, a quick release connector for standard garden hose systems and a 3 metre high pressure hose.

Safety features include an ergonomic trigger grip with a child safety lock to prevent youngsters from accidentally turning on the machine.

As part of that it has a power-saving start-stop system as the motor only operates when the trigger gun is pressed.

Finally it features a practical cable plus accessory holders.

This comes at a price of £39.99 along with a three-year warranty.

You can purchase the item at the Lidl website here.