Aldi and Lidl have some exciting items coming to their middle aisles this week.

When doing your weekly food shop, don’t be alarmed if you come out with more than you put on your shopping list.

Sometimes the middle aisle is just too tempting and things just fall into our trolleys. Tell us we’re not the only ones!

We’ve put together a list of some of the highlights to look out for from Thursday January 6.

Aldi Special Buys

From Thursday, you’ll find essentials for babies and toddlers in Aldi’s Specialbuys.

You can get your hands on the items listed below or browse for more on the Aldi website.  

Chicco Multiride Stroller

South Wales Argus: Chicco Multiride Stroller (Aldi)Chicco Multiride Stroller (Aldi)

Convenience is important especially when you have little ones to entertain and this stroller can be picked up in your local Aldi store while you do the weekly shop, saving you a trip elsewhere.

It comes with a rain cover and a canopy. It moves into 4 different positions and could be yours for £139.99.

Buy one via the Aldi website here.

Mamia Nursery Furniture Set

South Wales Argus: Mamia Nursery Furniture Set (Aldi)Mamia Nursery Furniture Set (Aldi)

If you’re looking to kit out your baby’s nursery, this furniture set could be just what you need to get you started.

This set comes with a wardrobe, a cot bed and a changing unit and it’s not available to buy in store but you’ll find it online for £404.97.

All the furniture is available to buy separately via the Aldi website too.

Buy the furniture set here.

Next2Me Bedside Crib

South Wales Argus: Next2Me Bedside Crib (Aldi)Next2Me Bedside Crib (Aldi)

This bedside crib comes with a harness that connects your bed frame to it, keeping the crib in place and could be yours for £124.99.

It’s adjustable with up to 6 positions to choose from and a travel bag is included should you need it.

Buy the crib here.

Lidl Middle Aisle

This week, Lidl is stocking items that’ll help update your office this winter.

You’ll also find thermal clothing and plants in the middle aisle.

Look out for these items from Thursday or take a look at other great offers on the Lidl website.  

Livarno Home Ergonomic Desk Chair

South Wales Argus: Livarno Home Ergonomic Desk Chair (Lidl)Livarno Home Ergonomic Desk Chair (Lidl)

If you work from home, it’s vital that you’re comfortable and friendly to your body.

This desk chair is adjustable and able to support your body as you work.

You can buy this chair via the Lidl website for £49.99.

Green Houseplants

South Wales Argus: Green Houseplants (Lidl)Green Houseplants (Lidl)

Add some colour to your home with these houseplants.

Monstera Deliciosa, Calathea and Ficus Benjamina are all available so it’s up to you to choose your favourite.

They’re available for £4.99 each.

Crivit Men’s Thermal Base Layer Trousers

South Wales Argus: Crivit Men's Thermal Base Layer Trousers (Lidl)Crivit Men's Thermal Base Layer Trousers (Lidl)

Christmas might be over but the chilly weather isn’t as the winter months continue. Feel the warmth with this extra layer for £4.99.

Thermal layers for ladies are also available in Lidl’s middle aisle.

Buy the trousers via the Lidl website here.